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Sydney Sanders

I am a Kansas City Art Institute student in design – pursuing colors branding, and marketing – lover of dogs, coffee, and Pinterest on Sundays.

I believe that every design should encourage the viewer to grow and learn from the world around them – that design should enhance and embrace the world around it. I thrive in collaboration with others & enjoy and work hard in creating ideas and solutions to complex problems.

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Featured Projects


Below are a few projects that gave me a run for my money. These are more like turning points than projects and although they make a portfolio piece, the goal of every project as a student, these projects mean so much more to me. These are projects with ups and downs and lots of problem solving along the way. Click on the projects below to gain a little insight about what I learned during each design process. 

choose your corner, pick away at it carefully, intensley and to the best of your ability and that way you might change the world.
— Charles Eames

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Are you person who comes up with projects that solve problems? Do you have an idea and needs a supporting design? Are you searching for design work for your business? Let’s be a team. I am a designer focused in content and form, developing a visual language. If you are looking for a complex idea that is supported by design, I’m your girl. Hit the button and give me the 411.